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Deceit, Conspiracy & Death
A True Story
by Michael E. Bowers


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Mike was dying, his only hope was to be put in a medically induced coma. When he woke, he was chained, paralyzed, and unable to speak.  He was outside in an austere location; taunted by locals and forsaken by his wife.  Fear and paranoia took over.  He couldn’t trust anyone.  The details of torture, abandonment and betrayal are real.

Captured by COVID is a true story that describes actual events experienced by the author.


First Place (Memoir/COVID)

"2023 Next Generation India Book Award"


“2022 Best Indie Book Award (BiBA)”

“Captured By COVID was a totally consuming read for me. I was gripped by the graphic "other worldly" details of what he silently endured in his day-to-day battle to survive…” Marianne W. Cincinnati Oh

“I was truly in awe and disbelief while reading this book. It was a true roller coaster ride! I questioned myself several times if the text was reality or unbelievable stories?  It was a real page turner.”  Bill P. Dayton OH

About the Book
About the Author

About the Author

The accounts of Captured by COVID are true; every line, word, letter…. The images, smell, feel of everything was and still is vivid in his mind; yet he struggles to talk about this ordeal with anyone. He chronicled every thought, vision and smell, right down to the color of Sara's lipstick, as a means to help cope with his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 


For a long period of time, he didn't know who he could trust or who was behind the conspiracy to end his life. It was several months and the writing of Captured By COVID before Mike had the courage to talk about the horrors he endured.


Survivor's guilt hit him hard and has been the single most depressing experience. Mike continues to question God... “Why me?”  He knows that God brought him back for a purpose, what other explanation could there be?  Mike is still looking for answers as to what that purpose may be.


Captured By COVID is not an easy read. You will experience a variety of emotions; sadness, anger, fear, laughter, hate and shame. However, in the end you’ll be glad you read it.

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