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Adventures of
Sloppy Slurpy Silly Sally
by Michael E. Bowers

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Mom promised to tell her five year old daughter Mary a bedtime story. After tucking Mary into bed, she began recounting the story of a mischievous little girl named “Sloppy Slurpy Silly Sally.” Inquisitive little Mary was glued to every word, even stopping her mom on several occasions to ask questions.  In a way, Sloppy Slurpy Silly Sally was a lot like Mary.


Read Michael E. Bowers’ inaugural children’s book about a little girl that went on an adventure that helped to teach her much needed boundaries.


50% of proceeds will be donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.


"This book will sweep young readers into a journey from ordinary to extraordinary and back again in a way that rivals Alice of Wonderland fame—making the impossible believable and enchanting. The return to normalcy seems the same, but Sloppy is different. The constant pestering by Mary's mother to hurriedly reveal Sloppy’s next escapade illustrates how the book would appeal to young children, hopefully not asking questions every few minutes. When a famished Sloppy digs into the stew made by her rabbit host, in astonishment, she realizes the vegetables she stubbornly wouldn’t eat at home are tasty. No longer choosing to be deliberately trouble-making and committed to listening to her parents made a tremendous difference. Whether finding herself in a seemingly imaginary realm or happy to dig into the stew at the dinner table, Sloppy Slurpy Silly Sally comes alive with new realizations and a touch of magic. Michael E. Bowers ends the adventure with a teaser that there will be more to this tale."                         Constance Stadler

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