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Inspired by a True Story
by Michael E. Bowers

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“Olivia” begins in “Crimetown USA,” aka Youngstown Ohio three generations ago, with Olivia’s grandfather Bill Parson learning that life on the streets was no easy task. The roots of her family’s upbringing and the trials and tribulations they endured helped mold her into the sweet, innocent, and strong young lady she is today. Each generation of Parsons endured monumental life events that hardened their character, embedded psychological roots, and taught them how to love; all culminating into this one oracle… “Olivia”


A vacation to Acapulco Mexico to celebrate Olivia’s 16th birthday altered the lives of many, when Olivia accidentally bumped into one of Mexico’s most feared drug lords in the hotel lobby.


“Olivia” delves into the world of mobsters, drugs, cartels, sex and death. You will experience every emotion as “Olivia” pulls you into the lives of each character. 

"Olivia by Michael E. Bowers is a psychological thriller and modern-day tragedy that delivers an emotional gut punch. As I read this poignant tale of personal loss, I felt many emotions, including compassion, grief, and rage. At times, the reality portrayed in the novel was so brutal that it was overwhelming. The pace was exceptionally effective, akin to a roller-coaster that takes you up slowly, only to drop you suddenly like a collapsing building and leave you in ruins. The characters were also well-developed, resulting in people who felt all too real."  Gaius Konstantine

"Author Michael E. Bowers keeps readers in suspense in a gripping and emotional novel that puts you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. There’s a strong atmospheric tone to the work that sets you up for a voyage of sharp twists and tense moments, but Bowers also offers a nuanced emotional narrative that is both heartwrenching and thought-provoking. Through vivid storytelling and compelling character development, Bowers paints a fascinating and deeply detailed portrait of a family torn apart by circumstances beyond their control."  K.C. Finn

"Michael E. Bowers painted an engrossing and intricate picture of a family shattered by events beyond their control. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time because of the compelling and emotional plot, and I had no idea what would happen next. Olivia was a pageturner, and I had a hard time putting it down. The story starts with Olivia's grandparents and various characters, and each chapter expands upon the backgrounds of those people. The characters were authentic and relatable as I accompanied Allen on his journey of redemption. The support and love he received from his loved ones were heartwarming. The story was masterfully written, and themes of young love, poverty, sex, and drugs were woven throughout. This gripping story was much more than I expected, and I enjoyed reading it."  Alma Boucher 

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