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Deceit, Conspiracy & Death
A True Story
by Michael E. Bowers


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Mike was dying, his only hope was to be put in a medically induced coma. When he woke, he was chained, paralyzed, and unable to speak.  He was outside in an austere location; taunted by locals and forsaken by his wife.  Fear and paranoia took over.  He couldn’t trust anyone.  The details of torture, abandonment and betrayal are real.

Captured by COVID is a true story that describes actual events experienced by the author.


First Place (Memoir/COVID)

"2023 Next Generation India Book Award"


“2022 Best Indie Book Award (BiBA)”


“Captured By COVID was a totally consuming read for me. I was gripped by the graphic "other worldly" details of what he silently endured in his day-to-day battle to survive…” Marianne W. Cincinnati Oh

“I was truly in awe and disbelief while reading this book. It was a true roller coaster ride! I questioned myself several times if the text was reality or unbelievable stories?  It was a real page turner.”  Bill P. Dayton OH

“I'd always assumed when someone woke up from a coma, they wouldn't remember anything. I had no idea the mind was still so active, and in the author's case, capable of creating such vivid imagery. Bowers experienced truly traumatic events that were entirely real to him. I'm glad he has recovered physically, and hope he continues to recover mentally from the whole ordeal. I hesitate to say “I liked it” because he lived through this true ordeal- but it’s really a unique and eye-opening story and I couldn't put it down. Definitely worth a read!”   G.T.


“All medical professionals should read this book!! As a nurse who’s cared for patients on ventilators, I’ve always wondered what my patients were thinking while being sedated with multiple tubes and lines in place. Mike’s alternate reality is humbling and enlightening! I appreciate his vivid description while I also feel disappointed that so many people likely have similar experiences months later. While seeing a patient leave the ICU with a positive outcome is always exciting for staff, we typically don’t see what happens months after rehab and recovery. Mike portrays the reality of life after a critical illness even a year later. I wish the author peace as he continues his recovery. Thank you for putting your reality into words and sharing with the world!”  Jennifer T.  Gulfport MS


“I read a lot about near-death experiences, trances and dream interpretations. Our body and mind are boxed in the earthly reality all the time: caught between time and space. What will happen to our reality if our mind breaks free the imprisoned boundary and enter another dimension? Mr. Bowers’ Captured by Covid provides a glimpse of the virtual reality in that dimension. His intriguing true story ushers us directly into the other-worldly realm to experience the other reality with him. Is the other world real? Find out your answer by reading Captured by Covid; a must read for those interested in subconscious and psychology. I was amazed by the detailed descriptions of his experiences of torture, abandonment and betrayal.”  George L.

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