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“Opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one and everyone thinks everyone else's stinks.” (Elkeles, 2006)

How true this is. I fully support expression from all sources. I’ll read many individual opinions that are adamant about their theory on how the virus spread. Most are absurd but not once have I laughed, yelled, cursed or admonished the writer that has those opinions. Everyone has the right to speak their mind and express their ideas. The problem is that not everyone agrees with these theories. But instead of chuckling internally or just moving on to a different article, they feel the need to respond, and most times its not a pleasant response.

Sure, some can be a little out there, but not everyone has the same level of insight, education, or understanding of different cultures. I’ve been fortunate to have circled the globe many times in my line of work. I’ve lived in multiple countries for extended times and have been to several third world nations, so I have an understanding that not everyone thinks alike. I know many people that have grown up in a bubble and still live there today, never leaving the comfort of their surroundings. The only thing they know about the China, U.K. or any other country is what they see on television. Not everyone has the same level of education; but even that shouldn’t be a determinate on the ability to sensibly absorb other’s position without regards to background, beliefs, or compassion.

I’m only human, criticism hurts. When it’s constructive and given with the intent to educate, then it’s a bit easier to swallow. Sure, I’ve seen all the conspiracy theories to include the following:

- Dogs started it

- It came from rats

- Bill Gates created it to thin the population of the world

I have my theories as well and have spoken with surgeons, neurologists, nurses, etc… about it. By the way, you won’t find theories in my book, that’s not what the book is about.

It’s been three years since the start of the pandemic and two years since my release from the hospital. COVID-19 origins are sill a mystery to most of us. There is not clear proof that virus leaked from a lab or was a result of infected animals. What we can assume is that most of the evidence is being hidden from public view. We know that many high level individuals had access to data that we don’t. For example, in my years within the military, we constantly received training in Chemical, Biological and Nuclear Warfare.

“Biological warfare is the deliberate use of disease-causing biological agents such as bacteria, virus, rickettsia, and fungi, or their toxins, to kill or incapacitate humans, animals, or plants as an act of war.” (Balali-Mood, Moshiri, & Etemad, 2014)

Biological warfare has been used many times and it’s origin goes back further than some can imagine.

Year. Event

1155 Emperor Barbarossa poisons water wells with human bodies, Tortona, Italy

1346 Mongols catapult bodies of plague victims over the city walls of Caffa, Crimean Peninsula

1495 Spanish mix wine with blood of leprosy patients to sell to their French foes, Naples, Italy

1650 Polish fire saliva from rabid dogs towards their enemies

1675 First deal between German and French forces not to use 'poison bullets'

1763 British distribute blankets from smallpox patients to native Americans

1797 Napoleon floods the plains around Mantua, Italy, to enhance the spread of malaria

1863 Confederates sell clothing from yellow fever and smallpox patients to Union troops, USA

(Frischknecht, 2003)

Both China and Russia have biological facilities that are researching the use of toxins that can evade traditional defenses. It is possible to create a toxin that can target specific races, hair color, or even sex. With the ability to attack specific genomes. For example, I have the Delta 508 gene, if someone wanted to target only people with this defect, then they could create a toxin for that purpose.

My theory is that somehow the toxins being developed in the Lab in Wuhan China were accidently released, either by a scientist that got infected and unintentionally spread the disease; or, one of the lab “rats” got out, dead or alive and was consumed by another animal that spread the disease.

Have you noticed that the coronavirus had different levels of severity? Some people had no symptoms at all, while others had moderate to severe. I believe my case was so severe due to the fact that I have the Cystic Fibrosis (CF) gene. For those unaware, CF is a disease that creates excessive mucus in the lungs and is fatal for most of it’s carriers. My daughter died of CF 7 years ago.

Due to having this gene in within my DNA, the coronavirus attacked me much harder. Now I know that there were thousands of deaths, and the majority of them probably didn’t have this specific gene, but how many Americans have had a genetics test done? Maybe they had another defective gene? What I’m saying is that the technology exists and is being experimented on in many places.

“Biological weapons could be built which target individuals in a specific ethnic group based on their DNA…” (Knapton, 2019)

So there you have it. Nothing spectacular, no space aliens emptying their toxin filled toilets over earth; or squirrels mating with monkeys, just a science-based theory. Was the covid virus released intentionally? I don’t think so, but it was released.

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