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  • Mike Bowers

I'm Not Supposed to be Here

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

The pain was indescribable. I couldn’t breath. I didn’t want to die, but knew I couldn’t go on living like this, so I made the decision to be placed in a medically induced coma.

Captured by COVID; Deceit,

Conspiracy & Death gives you a glimpse of what I believe was “the other side”.

I found out about the atrocities that happened to me in the real world much later; however, I knew right away what had happened in my alternate reality.

The doctors had told my wife to call in the family in on at least two occasions. I was given a 95% chance of death. I wasn’t supposed to survive, but they wouldn’t let me die. They brought me back on February 2nd 2021, the day of my daughter’s birthday. My daughter, Crystal, had passed a couple of years prior from Cystic Fibrosis.

I don’t think I've ever gotten over her death and still feel guilty for so many things. I think my lung issues are related to my grief watching her die and wishing I could take her pain and struggles away. Wishing I had her disease so that karma could pay me back for being a horrible dad.

When I woke Diane (crying) asked me “Were you with Crystal”. I was so confused. My alternate reality and the real world were meshing together.

What was she talking about? Still unable to trust her or anyone else, I laid there motionless. It took a minute or two to realize I was paralyzed. I couldn’t talk

due to a ventilator attached to the trach in my throat. What the hell happened? Was this the result of the car accident or maybe the captors torture of me?

I struggle until this day trying to figure out why I was spared. What purpose does He have for me? What can I do to amend for my past life? What message does he want me to share?

I believe He wants me to tell my story. My story of how I died and went to hell. My insight of how your soul can be tortured for eternity.

For quite some time I believed my days were a gift and that soon the gift would expire.

Read my story then let me know your thoughts...via a review on Amazon, good or bad.

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