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  • Mike Bowers

The Cure: Hope or Propaganda

For the last three years, the medical community has had a hard time accepting Long Covid. At first many of us were treated as if it was all in our head. Then, there were so many of us, they had to acknowledge that “something” was going on, but what?  How can you treat something you don’t understand?  


An article released on 21 February 2024, (“Possible Long Covid Cause Identified: Suggests Protein Might Be Culprit—And Medication Might Cure It”) by Arianna Johnson, Forbes Staff) provides hope for many of us. It acknowledges that millions of people around the world are suffering with Long Covid symptoms; however, falls short of providing the cure. Johnson provided significant data points from “the study” that gives hope, but other comments has me curious as to the overall intent of the researchers.


Benjamin Krishna, the study’s co-author and an investigator at Cambridge University stated “The number of people with long Covid is gradually falling…”. He attributes vaccinations as the significant factor. I believe the obvious cause for the reduction of Long Covid patients is through attrition, not vaccines.


This brings up another point of interest. The author mentioned vaccines a few times as a benefit to increasing survival and lessoning Long Covid symptoms. My first thought, be it right or wrong, was that the study was funded by big pharma, which may have driven the direction of the agenda.


I don’t believe any two people have the same symptoms. I do believe that the study is correct in stating underlying conditions help determine the severity of the disease. To take it one step further. I believe people with certain gnomes provides a path for the virus to attack.  For example, I have the Delta 508 gene mutation. This is a significant mutation that causes cystic fibrosis.


Furthermore, I believe that Covid was manufactured for military purposes, possibly with the intent of targeting individuals with certain DNA makeups. The disease looks for irregularities and then attacks and exploits those genes. I can’t imagine Covid being released on purpose, but it was released.


Covid tore my body apart, most significantly, my lungs.  77 days in three different hospitals, mostly in ICU. Medically induced coma, ventilator, trach, collapsed lungs (twice), completely paralyzed, loss of all muscles. After departing the hospital depression, weakness, loss of cognitive functions, memory, anxiety, fear of certain places/events, shortness of breath, and inability to talk about the alternate reality I endured due to Critical Care Psychosis haunted me.  Therapy, medication and writing “Captured By Covid; Deceit, Conspiracy & Death – A True Story” helps me cope, but doesn’t alleviate the problems.


Unfortunately, the continued weakness, shortness of breath and exhaustion make exercising extremely difficult. When I do exercise, my body takes days to recover.  Weight gain from lack of exertion followed.


The discovery of the potential cause of Long Covid sets the wheels in motion to finding a cure. Researchers found that people infected in covid produce a “protein called interferon gamma (or IFN-y).” Participants with “ongoing Covid symptoms had high levels of IFN-y for up to 31 months after initial infection, which the researchers believe may be the cause of long Covid.”


Let’s hope that this study was accurate and that a cure will be forthcoming.

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