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Captured by COVID’s true story introduced individuals with no real background. Unfortunately, that’s what happens when recanting real events.

There were also questions in the minds of readers as to how some of the people came to be in the situation they were. For several months, I thought about this and decided to write another book. A fictional account of the lives of some of most prominent individuals you read about in Captured by COVID.

“Olivia” will be available in early March 2024. Here’s an excerpt of Kim’s (Allen’s future wife) holiday embarrassment.


Kim rushed back down the stairs, “Bye Mom, be home by ten.” Seeing her dad, she said, “Hi, Dad, bye, Dad!”

Before her dad could respond, she was out the door and headed towards the car her dad let her use. It was a 1962 Ford Galaxy 500, candy apple red, with some power. “Dad would disown me if he overheard me referring to his car as an IT,” she thought. Kim found the piece of paper with an address on it, thought for a minute about where it might be, and then it hit her.

This was not far from town, left at the light and about five miles down the road. She was there in no time, but she was early. The last thing she wanted was to arrive before the other guests or the hosts were ready for her.

She was waiting in the car listening to holiday music when a Brenda Lee classic came on. She soon found herself singing along, oblivious to Jennifer, who had walked down to tell her she could come in.

“Rocking around the Christmas Tree, what ….” Jennifer wasn’t going to interrupt her mid-song, so she waited a few steps behind the car where she couldn’t be seen, but Kim could definitely be heard. Jennifer was doing everything she could to not laugh. Then, finally, she broke out in laughter.

Kim heard her and lowered her head in shame. Jennifer hugged her when she got out of the car and told her how sweet she sounded.

“I’m so embarrassed,” Kim said as they headed up the driveway to the house. “Where’s everyone else?” Kim asked, “I don’t see any other cars.”

Jennifer smiled, grabbed and squeezed Kim’s hand. “Everyone is here and waiting inside.” Now Kim was really nervous. Was she the last one? Did she offend them by sitting in the car so long?

Upon reaching the house, Kim marveled at the artistic masonry and the columns. “This place is beautiful,” Kim said, “What is it? A museum?”

Jennifer smiled and humbly said, “No, this is our residence. My parents inherited it from their parents, and maybe someday it will be mine since I’m an only child.”

Kim lowered her head once again.


Captured by COVID details the true story of my critical care psychosis, torture, abandonment, and near-death experiences. Allen wasn’t talked about a lot in the book, at least not until the end.  What he did to me was unimaginable and I wanted to know why. “Olivia” tells Allen’s story and what drove the hatred he had for me.

While Allen was key to my demise, he wasn’t the only one responsible.  “Olivia” will open your eyes to the good and bad in individuals of different cultures.

Even if you haven’t read Captured by COVID, you’ll love “Olivia”.





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