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Unanswered Questions

Captured by COVID’s true story introduced individuals with no real background. Unfortunately, that’s what happens when recanting real events. There were also questions in the minds of readers as to how some of the people came to be in the situation they were. For several months, I thought about this and decided to write another book. A fictional account of the lives of some of most prominent individuals you read about in Captured by COVID.

“Olivia” should be released in the Fall if all goes well. Here’s an excerpt

It had been several days since Kim and Allen talked. It was a wild and wonderful weekend they had together, and both of their work schedules were going to be busy for a few days. It wasn’t a concern when the phone didn’t ring.

Allen was working 10-hour shifts, then attending classes at night. He was trying to learn as much as he could about the new technology that’s currently in design. The government was sponsoring some of the resources on it, so he got to talk with a lot of the experts. He knew that the future would be highly impacted by this new medium if the theories panned out.

Kim called Thursday evening. “Hello” Allen squeaked out.

“Hi honey, it’s me” Kim’s soft, sweet voice echoed back. “You sound tired, is everything ok?”

Allen still groggy “Yes babe, I dozed on the couch after class and woke to the sound of the phone ringing.”

“I’m sorry, should I you go?” Kim responded with a disappointing tone.

“Not at all Love, I needed to wake up, otherwise I’d be up all night. It’s so good to hear your voice. I’ve missed you.”

Kim had been off work for a few hours and was chilling next to the fireplace with a glass of wine and one of her favorite books. “I need to go and see my grandparents this weekend, Grandma isn’t doing too well.” She sadly said. “I won’t be able to come and see you. I hope you understand.”

Allen immediately responded with “Are you kidding me. Of course you need to see them, we’re young and have plenty of time to be together. Be with your grandparents while you can. I hope to meet them the next time I’m up your way.”

"That would be great!” Kim exclaimed, “I’ve been telling them all about you. It would probably be nice to show you to them so that they don’t think you’ve been a figment of my imagination.”

Captured by COVID details the true story of my critical care psychosis, torture, abandonment, and near-death experiences. Allen wasn’t talked about a lot in the book, at least not until the end. What he did to me was unimaginable and I wanted to know why. “Olivia” tells Allen’s story and what drove the hatred he had for me.

While Allen was key to my demise, he wasn’t the only one responsible. “Olivia” will open your eyes to the good and bad in individuals of different cultures.

Even if you haven’t read Captured by COVID, you’ll be able to follow “Olivia”.

Keep checking back with this website for updates on publications.

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